New Blog. New Topics.

When I decided to cancel my Heart Internet reseller account I had a bit of a dilemma. My blog ( was hosted within my reseller account and would stop working if I didn’t move it. I spent a few months considering my options before I made up my mind on what I thought was the best way forward. Instead of migrating my blog, which was using a domain I had owned for years which didn’t really hold any relevance to me or the contents of my blog any more, I decided to start a new blog in my own name and migrate the posts for historical purposes.

So here we are. a nice shiny new blog with a load of old posts from my old blog. So now what?

My intentions for the new blog are as follows:

  • Continue to post tech related stuff and solutions I have found to issues I have during my day-to-day activities.
  • Post content related to my new hobby, iOS development, and my adventures while learning Swift. I might even be inclined to start Android development too. Who knows?
  • Post some more “human” content about personal issues I have been facing around mental health and work.
  • Cat pictures. (maybe)

So stay tuned if any of that interests you. If not, feel free to never return and I promise not to hold it against you.