My Journey Into Photography

After struggling with a decent work life balance for a while I realised (albeit with a bit of professional help) that I should probably look for a hobby that isn’t similar to my work. That meant not spending every available hour at home sitting in front of my computer. I though about hobbies for a while and tried to decide what would be a fun thing to do in my spare time, while at the same time allowing me to spend more time with my family. I settled on photography.

I spent days on YouTube learning about different techniques, how cameras worked, how to use a camera properly and how to manage photographs and process them once they have been taken. The whole process fascinated me.

I finally decided to buy a camera and decided I wanted an entry-level DSLR and after watching review after review it was pretty obvious that the Nikon D3300 was the way to go for value for money. Unfortunately I decided to climb on the DSLR ladder a week or so before Nikon released the D3400, meaning nowhere had any stock of the D3300. I started looking on the next tier up and settled on the Nikon D5300. This camera gets really good reviews across the board, and since it has been superseded by the D5500, is now coming down in price. I voiced my desire to save and buy the D5300 to my wife who agreed a new hobby would probably help. Being the best wife in the world however, she went and bought the D5300 for my birthday, and then proceeded to give me it 3 days early, which might have been down to my constant nagging to tell me what she had bought me.

Anyway, long story short I am now the proud and very happy owner of the Nikon D5300.

Now to plan the next few months’ weekends visiting places with the family to get some good shots, which I’ll no doubt share on this site.

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