Schools and Holidays

One thing that really gets my goat is the whole “you’re not allowed to take your kids out of school for a holiday” rule in the UK. Fuck you government. If I want to take my kids on holiday I will. Fine or no fine.

It’s obvious what’s going on here though. Since the price of holidays during school term times is considerably cheaper, the government looses out on taxes on air travel etc. Obviously that isn’t acceptable. How will the pricks in westminster pay for their third and fourth homes if we keep finding clever ways to get things cheaper and paying less tax into their expense funds?

As it turns out, it’s usually cheaper to pay for a holiday in term time, and then just add the £70 per child to the total cost of your holiday and you still end up saving an arm and a leg compared to booking a holiday during school holidays.

The whole system is flawed really. Unless you look at it from the perspective of the corrupt wankers in UK parliament.

Rant over.

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