Person of Interest

I often converse with people about TV shows we have watched and I quite often take recommendations of what to watch next on board.

One TV show that I haven’t heard mention of before within my circle of friends though is Person of Interest. I’m not sure why I haven’t recommended this show more often if I’m honest. It didn’t really spring to mind during such conversations.

The show is based on a machine built to detect terror intent before it happens, the filthy rich but very secretive creator of the machine, and his hired henchman, for want of a better word.

The machine is programmed to feed information about impending acts of terror to the US government, but also predicts other crimes deemed as “irrelevant” by the people tasked with its upkeep.

The rich creator of the machine isn’t happy that the government deem crimes affecting single people irrelevant and decides to programme the machine to drip feed him just enough information so he can attempt to prevent the crimes, while avoiding detection from the feds. Finding his new found purpose difficult due to a spinal injury, he recruits his hired brawn in the shape of an ex-CIA operative, with a disregard for his own safety but a morally sound view on human life.

I can’t really do this show justice no matter how long a write, and I don’t want to give too much of the story line away, but I can say that I found the show to be worthy of watching again from the beginning with my wife, who also enjoys it just as much as me.

Go watch it on Netflix, or your other chosen source of content.

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Seriously? Brexit?

I’m getting sick and tired about hearing about Brexit now. It’s all I ever seem to see in the news app on my iPhone, and all I seem to see on the news on TV. Why anybody though Brexit was a good idea is beyond me.

For starters, most of the muppets who voted to leave the European Union last year during the referendum don’t even know themselves why they wanted to leave. Some of the interviews on the news showing people giving bollocks excuses about immigration etc as the reason they voted leave, and then being told on live TV that they were wrong in their rationale was cringe worthy.

Then there were the politicians in the leave camp, lying through their teeth and scare mongering to try to rack up the leave votes. I’m still oblivious as to how they have managed to get away with lying to the public. Surely it’s classed as rigging a vote. Personally I’d put them in prison.

And now where do we stand? On the fence of course. Nobody knows exactly what will happen. The government seems to think they can negotiate an exit from the EU and keep access to all of the perks the EU brings to the table, while eliminating the disadvantages. Sure they can’t think that will work?

In all seriousness, the referendum shouldn’t have happened the way it did. The vote count should have had limits imposed, such as 60% either was, and the government should have laid the exact terms of Britain’s exit from the EU out on the table before the referendum happened. At least then they the public could have made informed votes based on truth and foresight.

But no. We ended up with the shit fest we are in now. Looks like Cameron managed to bail at just the right time.


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Daily Prompt: Waiting

I hate waiting. For anything. This can have it’s advantages as well as disadvantages.

When waiting to go somewhere I usually find I’m ready way too early, leave way too early and end up at my destination way too early. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to things like job interviews, but can be a bit creepy when I’m sat in the car for half an hour outside the school waiting to pick my kids up.

Waiting for stuff I’ve ordered online is the worst. I hate it so much that I’m more than happy to pay over the odds to have it delivered as soon as possible. Amazon Now sort of scratches this itch, even though they don’t deliver to my home address yet. It looks like the receptionist at work is going to have to continue to receive all of my gadget for the forseeable future.

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