My Shiny New Alienware m17x R3

Somehow, as if by magic, I have managed to persuade work to buy me a nice new Alienware m17x gaming laptop. I decided to show you all what it is like, not to brag, but to educate…

What an awsome machine it is!!! Check out the spec below.

Intel Core i7 2630QM Quad Core @ 2Ghz
16GB DDR 3 @ 1333Mhz
2 x 320GB 7200RPM Disks in RAID 0
AMD Radeon HD 6870M 1GB GDDR5
17.3″ 1920×1080 Full HD WLED LCD display
Blur-Ray Reader / CD-RW DVD-RW Slot loading Drive
HDMI Output
HDMI Input
USB 3.0

It’s really is an amazing machine considering it’s portability. It’s a shame it gets used more for work and running virtual servers in a development environment then to play games…  I have obviously tested it with a few games though, which it handles admirably.

The sound quality from the Klipsch speakers is quite impressive for a laptop, although I would have preferred a bit more bass. It does however have 2 headphone ports for gaming headsets, and allows the gamer to fade between game sounds and player chat through Ventrilo or teamspeak. A digital audio out is also handy for connecting my 7.1 surround sound system with just one cable.

The graphics output options are pretty impressive for a laptop, having HDMI Out, VGA 15 pin D-sub out and a Mini Display port out offer plenty of flexibility when outputting those PowerPoint presentations, or of course for playing your games on a larger display. The laptop also has a built-in WiHD transmitter, which I am told will wirelessly transmit HD video to a WiHD ready TV or receiver. although I havn’t tried this feature yet I’m sure it is a handy for Gamers.

HDMI In support allows you to plug your PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360 in and use the built-in HD display of the laptop to play your console games.

Two USB 3.0 ports are a very welcome feature, allowing me to use an external hard disk to run VM’s from without contending my internal hard disks.

All in all I am very pleased with the Alienware m17x R3, although it is on the heavy side when it comes to commuting with the laptop in my bag.