My iPhone 4 Won’t turn On!!!

Today things seemed to go from bad to worse; my iPhone seemingly turned itself off and wouldn’t turn back on! After the whole laptop screen situation, this was somewhat of a blow.

My first thought, although the battery was displaying as 80% ten minutes beforehand, had died.After charging for three hours though, this apparently wasn’t the case.

I tried random key combinations, iTunes recovery mode and nothing worked.

It was suggested on Apple’s forum that the proximity sensor was stuck in “Call Mode”, which seemed like a reasonable assumption, but how could I resolve that?

Further consultation with trusty old Google, turned up a post on this blog, which provided instructions on how to power on the iPhone.

1.Hold the Power and Home buttons in for 10 second, then release them both.
2.Hold the power button in by itself.

This is the solution to my iPhone not powering on, and hopefully it will work for you as well. Let me know in the comments.

Thank you Karthik 🙂