New Year, New Habits, New Hobby

Another year has disappeared into almost distant memory in what seems like a few days. As I reflect on the events of 2016 I’m genuinely concerned for the outcome of some of the stupid choices made by the british public around EU membership and what lies ahead as lying arseholes in suits steer us into uncertain waters. Then just as I thought shit couldn’t get any worse, Trump won the election across the pond. For fuck sake!

Anyway, those idiotic decisions are in the past and we, as in I, need to look forward to what lies ahead for me and my family.

My first oder of business is to clean up my act when it comes to my health. As a smoker of around 15 years I have decided to quit smoking finally. It’s an idea I have toyed with for several years but never really put the effort in. Now however my smoking, and the inherent inability to walk up stairs without panting like a pit bull, is getting in the way of my other health related goal. Loose weight.

Over the past few years sheer laziness and far too many take-aways have seen my weight rise from 15 stone to over 19. I used to love going mountain biking on a regular basis. Whenever I wasn’t on a mountain I’d go for a ride locally and clock up roughly 20 miles a time. Nowadays though my bike is lucky if it gets out once every six months and the last time I checked my Just-Eat account had seen over ¬£1,500 in the past 12 months. It’s shameful when I think about it.

I’ve already made the first step of stopping smoking and slapped a nicotine patch on my arm. So far it seems to be doing the trick, however the first smoke of the day still has a much stronger draw than my will power at the minute.

As for the weight loss, I think the first and foremost challenge will be cutting out take-aways, or at least drastically reducing the amount I eat. Then hopefully the excess weight will shift from my gut to my wallet. After some exercise of course, hopefully of the mountain biking flavour.

So to make a long story short, although I’ve just told it anyway, my three resolutions this year, or at least new habits I need to form, are as follows:

  • Stop smoking
  • Get more exercise
  • Eat more healthily (and less take-away)

As for a new hobby for 2017 (as if I need another one) I have purchased a DJI Phantom 3 drone. It’s great fun to fly and I’m well impressed with the quality of the video and images that come out the other end once I’ve had my fun. It’s already crashed into a brick wall which jumped out of nowhere though… It’s a good job replacement propellers are cheap enough. The kids love chasing the drone around the field too, which is another win, although they haven’t managed to catch it at 200 ft of altitude yet.