Person of Interest

I often converse with people about TV shows we have watched and I quite often take recommendations of what to watch next on board.

One TV show that I haven’t heard mention of before within my circle of friends though is Person of Interest. I’m not sure why I haven’t recommended this show more often if I’m honest. It didn’t really spring to mind during such conversations.

The show is based on a machine built to detect terror intent before it happens, the filthy rich but very secretive creator of the machine, and his hired henchman, for want of a better word.

The machine is programmed to feed information about impending acts of terror to the US government, but also predicts other crimes deemed as “irrelevant” by the people tasked with its upkeep.

The rich creator of the machine isn’t happy that the government deem crimes affecting single people irrelevant and decides to programme the machine to drip feed him just enough information so he can attempt to prevent the crimes, while avoiding detection from the feds. Finding his new found purpose difficult due to a spinal injury, he recruits his hired brawn in the shape of an ex-CIA operative, with a disregard for his own safety but a morally sound view on human life.

I can’t really do this show justice no matter how long a write, and I don’t want to give too much of the story line away, but I can say that I found the show to be worthy of watching again from the beginning with my wife, who also enjoys it just as much as me.

Go watch it on Netflix, or your other chosen source of content.

via Daily Prompt: Irrelevant