Substituting Smoking: Blogging

Temptation is a funny thing. As somebody just three days into the process of quitting smoking I have learned that first hand.

Finding alternative things to occupy my mind whenever I get tempted seems to be the best approach however. For instance, I have just written a 2,800 word blog post based on an IT project I completed just before Christmas. I’d been wanting to write a post about it due to the lack of reliable information I found online while I was working on the project, but never found the motivation. Probably because I knew how long-winded it would be and I had better things to do with my time. Yet here I am three hours later, proud of finding the motivation to finally complete the post, and still smoke free. Find the post here if anybody is strangely interested in SIP

So next time you’re tempted to pop outside in the freezing cold, miserable winter weather for a sly fag, blog instead!

via Daily Prompt: Tempted